History and Territory

The greatness of a wine can already be seen from the vineyard.

Where we are

Our company is based in Ravarino which, with its proximity to Sorbara, is an integral part of the typical area of the homonymous Lambrusco. The presence of the Panaro river, with its loose and sandy soils, represents the ideal terroir of this wine, allowing Lambrusco di Sorbara to have here a production that, for quality and organoleptic characteristics, represents the best achievable.


since 1919 producers of Lambrusco D.O.P. and Bianchi I.G.P. specialized in the vinification and production of Lambrusco di Sorbara
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Where do we come from

The winery was founded in 1919 on the wave of fervent entrepreneurship linked to the enthusiasm for the end of the First World War. From there, Mauro Carafoli, founder, lays the foundations for what will be a path of constant growth that will accompany the company throughout the process which, with the exception of the war pause linked to the second world event, will carry it up to the present day.

After all, Mauro Carafoli, thanks to the contribution of his son Domenico who has just returned from prison in Germany, realizes that the time has come to modernize the systems and embark on a path of profound technical evolution capable of offering a qualitatively impeccable wine with profound characteristics in tune with the taste of customers.

His son Enzo also joins the winery as a salesman, thus supporting his brother fully employed in purely technical production roles. For this purpose, a modern bottling line capable of producing 2500 bottles per hour was purchased and numerous technical improvements were introduced within the factories. From 1965 this management will become fully operational, in the wake of his father's teaching, expanding, with 20 hectares in the Sorbarese area, the estates used for the direct cultivation of Lambrusco di Sorbara.

I personally follow all the stages of wine production, from pressing to vinification up to bottling, always making use of my trusted enologist. The ultimate goal of mine and my brothers is to guarantee a high quality product, in strict compliance with all laws and regulations for the protection of the environment and the health of consumers. This commitment has materialized with the creation of one of our highest quality products, Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.P.

Carlo Carafoli

Direct producers, with 20 hectares of property in the heart of the Sorbara.

Fratelli Carafoli today

We are now in the third generation. Carlo, Paolo, and Mario Carafoli today represent the continuity of this long tradition. Everyone has specific tasks in the company, so the winery today can make use of a dynamic management that allows it to keep up with the times by equipping itself with cutting-edge technological systems capable of guaranteeing high quality wines, perfectly healthy and with characteristics capable of enhancing purity and genuineness of the grapes.

Carlo Carafoli

Production and management

Paolo Carafoli

Countryside and winery

Mario Carafoli

Sales and shipping

Matteo Carafoli

Countryside and winery

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