Tasting room

The wine should be felt. Given the color, picked the scents, tasted; so cut out a moment for yourself. Come and visit us in the cellar. We will meet you and we will make you "feel" our wines, sharing impressions and emotions.

Our own tasting room

In a sort of niche inside the premises of our cellar, we have obtained a space with characteristic medieval features, entirely dedicated to the tasting of our wines. In this room it will always be possible to entertain and dialogue with us, inquiring about every single wine and also being able to taste it directly; all in a unique frame as for nothing casual. The atmosphere in this room is in fact the one that would like to recreate a logical thread with the ancient events related to our area, in which the Lambrusco di Sorbara, at the top of our own production, was the absolute protagonist.

As already mentioned in the home of the site, it is in fact the famous battle of Sorbara conducted by the famous Countess Matilda of Canossa to which historical studies attribute with good certainty the defense and the spread of the range of Lambrusco, the borders of its own possessions, the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena and Mantua, overlapping with the areas in which all the main varieties of Lambrusco are cultivated.

The victory of General Lambrusco

The battle which took place on July 2, 1084 in the surroundings of Sorbara, right where are located our estates where the Lambrusco of Sorbara is cultivated, between the troops of the Emperor Henry IV and the Countess herself, According to the legend, it had a positive outcome in favour of Matilde, mainly determined by the decisive role of our wine. It was thanks to the imperial choice to deploy the militia in the Sorbaric campaign that the soldiers, besieged by the heat of a sunny July, They found comfort in the abundant intake of the fresh wine of the same name and so in fact putting themselves out of combat even before facing it. The outcome of the battle appeared so obvious and the Matildic troops recorded such a complete and decisive success that they could long distance the threat from their territories.

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